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What is MyDeal Shop?

MyDeal Shop is a new FREE service to help businesses break into the thriving online market!

Think of MyDeal Shop as your online shopfront where you can easily create and promote your own deals, when and how you want!

Whether you want to improve your slow periods, clear inventory, reach new customers with a daily deal or ongoing offer–MyDeal Shop makes it easy to connect with thousands of new customers online!

5 Reasons to use MyDeal Shop!

  • 1 Create deals that work best for your business!
  • 2 Create a New Revenue Stream & Strengthen your Marketing Strategy
  • 3 Attract Qualified Customers
  • 4 Get Long Term Exposure at No Cost
  • 5 Build a Community Around your Business

With MyDeal Shop you choose:

  • What you want to offer and at what discount (anywhere from 15% upwards)
  • How long the deal lasts – whether a few days or a month!
  • How many vouchers to sell (ideal for small businesses & those with limited stock)

With MyDeal Shop you can also:

  • Promote multiple deals and increase your presence
  • Promote deals to all users or customize deals for certain groups
  • Sell deals from your own website

It's in your control!

This free and easy to use platform is a powerful and measurable tool to add to your marketing plan. Whatever your current need, MyDeal Shop provides a number of marketing solutions and support to grow your business online!

MyDeal doesn’t demand back-breaking discounts; instead you can offer your services or products at a price that ensures you are still attracting your target market.

Join MyDeal Shop and you will receive a comprehensive shopfront page which acts as an online store for your deals. This allows your business to be featured even when you’re not running a deal!

MyDeal members can Follow and Request a Deal from your shopfront page, creating demand for your business when you are not running a promotion and increasing your social media awareness as members invite their friends to come on board and help secure a deal.

Getting Started:

1 Register for MyDeal Shop 2 Create your shop front & deals 3 Get new customers & start getting paid!

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